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Originally opening on Broadway in 1937, the play had its second revival on Broadway in 2012/2013 where it received eight Tony Award nominations, including Best Revival of a Play, and three Drama Desk Award nominations, including Outstanding Revival of a Play.

Golden Boy was Clifford Odets’s most successful theatrical production. First published in 1937 in the United States, the play was a dramatic departure from Odets’s previous playssocial dramas that had propelled the playwright to instant stardom. Unlike these early plays, which many later critics dismissed as propaganda pieces, Golden Boy focused more on personal issues. Odets has stated in interviews that he wrote the play as a deliberate attempt to create a hit. It was his intention to use the profits from the play’s production to help support the Group Theatre, the famous theatre that had produced his first plays and where most of his friends still acted. The play was written after Odets returned from a screenwriting job in Hollywood, a position that drew criticism from those who had pinned their hopes on Odets as a social reformer. In fact, many critics have noted that the struggle that Joe Bonaparte, Odets’s protagonist, faces in Golden Boy mirrors the struggle that Odets himself faced.

Cast: Jon Boatwright, Denise O’Callaghan, Mattia Bartoli, Arthur Louis Fuller, Philip Estrin, Austin Iredale, Joseph D’Agosta, Paola Grande, Teo Celigo, Stan Harrington, Richard D. Reich, Monib Abhat, Mitch Holden, Steven J. Bridgeman, Henry Kemp, Robert Sprayberry, Job Camarena, Don Baldaramos

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